Slot machines are one of the most popular games that people play when visiting online casinos. Learn how to win at slots online every time!

How to win at slots online

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There’s no reason to agonise anymore over how to find the best slot machine, because all the information you need on how to win online slots is right here in one place. This guide will give you a comprehensive overview of the tips and strategies necessary on how to win at slots online, including tonnes of useful pointers, clever suggestions and words of guidance on developing a functional strategy. Check out the top ten best tips for how to win at slots online, you’re sure to benefit from some of the best slots information around. What is a sure way to win at slots? Read our comprehensive guide to get all the answers.


If you’ve been seeking a bulletproof plan for how to win at slots machines online, this guide is precisely the tool you have been needing. Here you’ll get helpful advice, strategic tips and easy to use information on how to win at slots online, which you can immediately put to use in real life. This will take out a lot of the guess work in how the rules operate, selecting the best slot machine and what kind of tactics really work for how to win at slots online, which is going to help you win more consistently. By the end of this article, you will have all the pro advice you need to win big on slots.

how to find the best slot machine


Top 10 Tips You Need to Know on How to Win at Slots Online

Here are some useful tips you should take seriously if you’re contemplating what is the sure way to win at slots:

Top 10 Slots Tips:

  1. Do Your Research: Understand the Rules Inside and Out
  2. Use Paylines Like a Pro
  3. Look Out for Special Symbols
  4. Shop Around
  5. Try Before You Buy
  6. Experiment With Different Kinds of Slots
  7. Consult the Pay Table
  8. Put Bonus Offers to Use
  9. Think of it Like Business
  10. Become Familiar with Return to Player Percentage

1. Do Your Research: Understand the Rules Inside and Out

You wouldn’t walk in to the E.R. and expect to suddenly become a master surgeon, and similarly it’s unlikely that the first time you play slots you are going to perform any miracles. There is a lot to be said for “beginner’s luck”, but that is only going to get you so far. The foundation of any successful betting strategy starts with learning the rules of the game you are playing. Once you’ve mastered the rules, you’ll find you not only make better, more profitable decisions, you’ll most likely also begin to truly enjoy the game much more because you appreciate its nuances and you have less worries about the unknown factors involved.

Rules in Slots

Here is a rundown of basic rules in slots. There can of course be variations from casino to casino and game to game, but this is the “master list”, so to speak, of the standard rules in slots.

The Goal of the Game

In slots, the goal of the game is to line up matching symbols along paylines which run across the row of reels in the slot machine.


You can manipulate the number of paylines and select precisely which ones you would like to bet on, to increase your chances of winning. Different slots games have different amounts of paylines, the more there are, the more possibilities there are that you will manage a win.


You’ll often hear about “reels” in slots, and this term refers to the rotating part of the slot machine where the symbols are. The use of reels dates back to when slots games had actual, mechanical reels which determined the outcome, but now the majority of slots machines are digital.

How Symbols Work

The symbols in slots are usually centred on a certain theme, for example the classic fruit slots games based around cherries, lemons, grapes, etc. The kind of images don’t mean very much for the outcome of the game, but they make it more fun and understandable. Certain symbols are assigned a higher value than the others, often correlating to the equivalent of face cards in card games, and lining these symbols up gives you higher returns than the average symbols. Different games may also vary on how many rows of symbols there are per reel.

Special Symbols

There are also special symbols which add even more excitement to slots games, and those are usually specific to the game you are playing. The two main kinds of special symbols are Wilds and Scatters.


Wilds are just like wild cards in card games, standing in for any other symbol. That means that if you line up a Wild in a position where it completes a match along a payline, you will win that payline.


Scatters are symbols which expand

Number of Reels

Slots machines can have a variable amount of reels, from 3 reels like the olden days mechanical slots which were originally played on steam boats, to 6 reels in some of the more recent deluxe games.

Use Paylines Like a Pro

It’s a common misconception that you need to just line up the symbols in a row, straight across the centre of the reels. There are actually numerous paylines for any given slot machine, and they make a huge difference in determining the outcome of a spin. Adjusting the number of paylines you have active at a given time changes the nature of your bet and drastically affects whether you will win, but also how much you will win. For that reason, it’s essential to get a good understanding of what function paylines play in slots, because no slots strategy is complete without it.

Paylines Explained

So what exactly is a payline? A payline in slots is a line which runs across the slots reels, determining which combination of symbol positions will result in a win. Slots games can have different amounts of paylines, but an average online slots game will have around 10. Old school slots are based around 3 to 5 paylines, but it’s not unheard of for a slots game to have 15 or 25 paylines, and in exceptional cases, slots can have up to 243 different paylines. The most basic paylines run directly across the reels in a straight line. Then there are more complicated ones, which may start in one row and switch to other rows along its way across the reels.

Identifying Paylines

  • Look at the bottom of the screen, there will be a panel which allows you to change the number of lines in play.
  • Set the number of lines to 1, so that you can look at them one by one.
  • Examine the paylines, increasing the number of lines one by one, so that you can see how each one works.

The first payline is usually the prime one, which most people are familiar with. It runs across the centre row of symbols on the reel. It is the most straightforward of the paylines, followed by the next two paylines, 2 and 3, which are also just horizontal lines across the reels. As you increase the number of reels, they get a bit more complicated, but the color coding helps to keep track of them as they criss cross around on the screen.

What Paylines Do

Now that you know what a payline is, let’s get on to the real task which is tackling what a payline actually does. A payline determines which positions on the reels combine to form a winning match. That means that when the symbols which are lined up along a payline are of the same kind, they constitute a match. So looking at the first payline, which is the most simple, each of the symbols in the centre, horizontal row are the positions where there need to be matching symbols in order for that payline to win. On the more complicated reels, it’s exactly the same principle. Just follow the line across the reels and each symbol position it hits is a symbol position which needs to match up in order to win.

How Paylines Affect Your Bet

You might still be wondering how all this information on paylines adds up to affect how to win at slots machines. As we already covered, the more active paylines there are in a game, the more chances there are that you will win. You can think of it as selecting more possible combinations which count toward your bet. Having only one payline means there is only one possible combination of symbol positions where you could potentially win. So obviously, more is more in terms of paylines. But there is a catch. More paylines also increases the price of your bet, so with 1 unit per line means that having 1 payline will mean you bet 1 unit, and 10 paylines translates to 10 units. You can then adjust the amount you bet per line.

How to win at slots

How to Use Paylines

Now that you know the ins and outs of paylines, it’s time to work on how to apply this knowledge. Since having more paylines is more expensive, but it increases your possibility of winning, it makes sense to start out with the maximum number of paylines activated. This means being able to see how the different combinations of symbol positions affect your chances of winning. For more experienced slots players, paylines become a useful tool in fine tuning their slots betting. You might discover that you prefer betting on only one line at a time at a lower cost, which gives you the most accuracy and also prolongs your time playing by portioning the same amount of money into more spins. There is also something to be said for finding the sweet spot of the number of paylines to play with, because statistically, the number of paylines will improve your odds, but you should find a balance between that the increased odds and the amount of money you stand to lose per spin.

Look Out for Special Symbols

The special symbols in slots are not only some of the more exciting aspects of playing slots, they are also worth quite a lot in the game. In each game, the kind of symbol which is special will be different, and may also have particular rules about how it works. The most common special symbols you will come across are Wilds and Scatters, each having its own function in the game. There are a number of other different special symbols which are often the specialty of a specific game, for example expanding symbols. Take a look at the following sections on how the different special symbols work so you know what to be looking for while you play.

How Wild Symbols Work

A wild is very much like a wild card, which you could compare to a joker in classic card games. Just like a joker, a wild symbol will substitute in for any possible symbol in the game. So if you have a line of 4 of the same symbol and in the last place there is a wild symbol, then you will win that payline. Wild symbols are a great asset for playing slots because they increase your potential for completing a match along a payline and even possibly multiple paylines at once.

How Scatter Symbols Work

A scatter symbol is a kind of symbol which can count toward a match no matter where it is in the reels. That means it does not have to be lined up on a payline to work. The rules differ from game to game as to how many scatter symbols are required to receive a bonus and what kind of bonus you get when scatter symbols show up. Usually you need at least two scatter symbols to show up somewhere on the screen at the same time in order to qualify for a bonus from scatter symbols. Sometimes scatter symbols will unlock a special bonus round. Other times scatter symbols mean you stand to get an increased payout from the next spins.

How Expanding Symbols Work

An expanding symbol is one where the symbol multiplies to fill an entire reel, row or both. True to its name, it expands to fill up all the possibile spots in the reel, making it more likely that you will score a match. The expanding symbol is usually a wild card and will be activated when you get a certain number of wilds over the course of a few spins, so they don’t necessarily have to show up at the same time in some games, and in others they do. What this does when the symbol expands is that any potential match which can be made from substituting the expanded, wild, symbol out for another kind of symbol then counts as a winning match. Because of this special ability, games with special expanding symbols are extremely popular, some of the most fun to play and they give you extra possibilities for winning. It’s definitely worth it to check around for games which offer this kind of special symbol to boost the level of cash you take in.

Shop Around

If you want to buy a TV, you definitely don’t go with the first offer you come across, even if it looks pretty good at face value. Just like in TV shopping, you would be wise to shop around a bit and compare the different companies, games and offers available before committing yourself to one. It’s not that you can’t change later, and it’s also useful to try out a couple of different games to see which one pays out the most, but you can make the most profitable decisions when you have an overview of the market.

Compare Different Online Casinos

Not every online casino is created equal, and you might find that some casinos simply fit you better than others.

Casino Comparison Tips

What kinds of games do they offer?

Online casinos vary in the kind and number of games they offer, and certain casinos have more of an emphasis on slots as opposed to other kinds of online games. In some casinos they might advertise that they have thousands of games, but if they don’t include your favourite game in that assortment, it might not be the place for you. Check on the quality of the games a casino has, because if they only host off-brand titles and none of the popular ones, it might not be the best casino company.

Do they have good reviews?

Check customer reviews to be sure that you are choosing a good company. There are likely to be a few negative reviews on any forum, which seems to just be part of the business, presumably because some people feel cheated when they lose, but keep an eye out for actual problems like unethical business practices. Some companies are known for shutting down user accounts when they win too much, and it’s hard to know from the outside whether these stories are based on situations where cheating was involved or if the companies simply crush customers who are too good at winning. The bottom line is that casino companies would not stay in business if everybody won all the time, so there is that factor to consider when judging what you think of a company based off of their customer reviews.

What kinds of bonus offers are there?

Many online gambling companies offer specials and bonuses to draw in new clientele and to reward loyal customers for their patronage. If you’re considering signing up for a new account with any online casino company, it’s a good idea to check whether or not they have a signup bonus offer, because you could stand to double your initial deposit instantly.

What are the odds of winning with a given company?

Each online casino company will have a certain percentage called the RTP (return to player) or RPP (return to player percentage). This indicates what percent of bets is returned to players on average in the form of winnings. So for example if a company has a low rtp, you are less likely to win money out of your bets using their system. Considering which companies have better rates is incredibly important because it is the baseline of making a profit from your bets. Check out tip number 10 for more on this topic.

Is the company licensed?

This is almost a no brainer because regulation on the gambling industry ensures that companies comply with the rules on betting or they get out of business. That said, it’s useful to consider the licensing of an online gambling company in regard to how ethical they are. Some companies make a point of being totally above the board in this respect and are extremely transparent about their licensing, regulation, policies and revenues. Other companies are barely licensed and make their regulatory information difficult to find and obscure to understand once you do find it. Companies with licenses to manage gambling and betting activities in multiple jurisdictions are usually the ones to aim for, they’re the most reputable and less likely to be scams.

Experiment With Different Kinds of Slots

The sure way to win at slots is to gather all the experience you can. Much like shopping around for the right kind of casino company and thinking about which games to play, trying out a couple of different games is a useful way to figure out which games have the best returns. It’s also simply more fun to play some different games rather than sticking to only one game and playing it over and over again repeatedly. Some players find that their earnings differ from game to game, so in rotating between several games you may come across one which is “looser” or more profitable than others.

A few of the most popular slots games

Here is a listing of some of the highest rated and most popular slots games in the market right now. This list is by no means exhaustive, because there are literally thousands to choose from, but this selection gives you a recommendation of some of the top slots out there. From the many games available, these are a few favourites which have a good reputation in the industry.

Kinds of Slots Games Featured:

  • Video Slots
  • 3D Slots (If you haven’t tried them, this is the newest kind & worth checking out)

Gonzo’s Quest

Centred on the story of a Spanish explorer who discovers ancient stones inscribed with mysterious symbols, Gonzo’s Quest is one of the most popular slots games on the internet. With its aztec or mayan art theme, it’s one of the more interesting games, visually, and the graphics are extremely well done. The game is introduced with a beautiful intro, which sets up the story line and gives a fun narrative to the role the symbols play in the game.

Gonzo’s Quest Stats:
Release year: 2010
Producer: NetEnt
Style: Central American
Number of Paylines: 20
Symbols: Fire, Alligator, Fish, Bird, Moon, Snake & Heath
Special symbol: wild (question mark symbol)
Special feature: avalanche, fixed number of paylines

Jack and the Beanstalk

Another of the top internet slots games is Jack and the Beanstalk. Similar to Gonzo’s Quest, Jack and the Beanstalk also begins with a fun intro clip which explains the point of the game. Jack has constructed a giant machine which spins when cranked and special animations pop up when you hit certain combinations of symbols. This game is available in a number of forms including as a video slot and 3D slot game. Jack and the Beanstalk is one of the premium slots around and very much worth trying out.

Jack and the Beanstalk Stats:
Release year: 2011
Producer: NetEnt
Style: based on a fairy tale
Number of paylines: 20
Symbols: Jack, giant, goat, axe, watering can, A, K, Q, J & 10
Special symbol: Scatter symbol, “walking wilds” and keys
Scatter symbol: treasure chest

3 or more scatter symbols = 10 free spins

3 or more scatter symbols during free spins bonus game = 5 additional spins

Walking wild symbols: gold, chicken who laid the golden egg, golden harp

The walking wild symbol gives the player a bonus spin. When the bonus spin happens, the wild symbol moves one reel over. The player gets to spin again until there are no wilds present on the reels. Wild symbols pay out the win multiplied by 3. A wild may be substituted for any symbol, with the exception of scatter and key symbols.

Key symbol: unlocks additional bonuses when lined up on the 5th reel.

Special feature: 3d viewing, walking wilds, treasure collection

Book of Ra

A classic video slots, Book of Ra holds a special place in the world of slots games. It has been one of the most successful games, with colourful visuals and its famous golden book expanding symbol. As the name suggests, this game is based around the fabled Egyptian book belonging to the sun god Ra. There is an explorer symbol, who is presumably searching for the golden book, and other Egyptian themed treasures which act as the valuable symbols in this game. There are numerous editions and variations of the Book of Ra because it has been around for a while and also due to it’s incredible popularity, so if you like the game you might want to also try a different version with different paylines, etc.

Book of Ra Deluxe 6 Stats:
Release year: 2016 (for this version, other versions of Book of Ra came out before)
Producer: Novomatic
Style: Egyptian
Number of paylines: 10
Symbols: Book of ra, explorer, mummy, goddess, scarab beetle, A, K, Q, J & 10
Special symbol: wild (golden book of Ra)
Special feature: expanding symbol, 6th reel, free bet, 10 free spins

Bejeweled 2 Slots

Currently one of the most played slots on the market, Bejeweled 2 Slots is all about all that glitters. It’s a pretty straightforward concept, just line up the different colours of jewels. The graphics are a bit basic and the sounds in the game are not the most appealing. But on the flip side there are a lot of valuable bonuses in the game, with several special symbols to give you even more chances at profiting from your slots game play.

Bejeweled Stats:
Release year: the first version of Bejeweled was released in 2001
Producer: PopCap Games
Style: gems
Number of paylines: 20
Symbols: red, blue green, A, K, Q, J, 10 & 9
Special symbol: wild, scatter
Special feature: Bejeweled bonus, free spins bonus, wheel of riches bonus


Another jewel themed slot game, Starburst is simply put NetEnt’s answer to Bejeweled 2. It has a bit more to offer than its predecessor in terms of graphics, and it’s simply fun to play. With its only special feature being the wild starburst symbol, it’s basically a classic video slot game, without frills. So in some ways, what it has in colourful imagery and better sound quality over Bejeweled 2, it’s lacking a bit in special, defining features.

Starburst Stats:
Release year: 2012
Producer: NetEnt
Style: gems
Number of paylines: 10
Symbols: bar, lucky seven, yellow, green, red, blue & purple
Special symbol: Wild (starburst)
Special feature: Wild

Consult the Pay Table

Always, always consult the pay table before you play a game of slots. The pay table tells you how much different symbols are worth, which symbols are the special symbols such as wild symbols and scatter symbols, as well as outlining the details of the special symbols and which paylines are possible in the game. Without this information, you simply cannot make informed decisions in the game, and you will be unaware of what is even going on. If it hasn’t been hammered in enough, here is more information on why pay tables play such a critical role in a game of slots.

Pay line listing

Often the pay lines are listed out in the pay table, so you can get an overview of how many and which pay lines are possible in the slots game you are playing. As you know from previous sections, pay lines are very important in the game, so having an area dedicated to info on the pay lines in a game is key.

Symbols and Values

The essential thing you need to know to win at slots every time is to understand symbols and values. The pay table also gives an overview of which symbols there are in a game and what they mean when they show up. This usually begins with the standard symbols and then proceeds on to cover the special symbols. The basic symbols in the game each have a certain value, so these are listed out. There are often around 10 different symbols in a given game, but there can be more or less, depending on the game. Knowing the values of the symbols is important because it gives you a picture of which symbols you are seeking and actually want to show up more often than others. When you line up the more valuable symbols and get a match, you are going to get a much higher payout than on the less important ones.

Special Symbol Details

Each and every slot game has its own rules about how special symbols work, so relying on instinct or intuition is not going to get you very far in figuring out what is going on with them. Wilds are usually more or less the same, just substituting in for other symbols, but there are special kinds of wilds which behave differently. Those special features like “walking” or “expanding” wilds will be explained in the pay table as well. And the same goes for scatter symbols. The pay table will identify which symbols are the “special” symbols, and how they function in the game.

Special or Unique Rules

If there happen to be particular rules which are unique to a game, which happen often in online slots games, they will be announced in the pay table or the “more info” section. Keeping on top of the rules is worth its weight in gold, because you cannot play confidently when you have no clue what’s going on. Some special rules include what it means when multiples of the wild or scatter symbols occur, any free spins rounds you can get and other information about bonuses. Even though it’s not that fun to read the rule book, you will thank yourself later if you do. (and the rules sections are incredibly short!)

Put Bonus Offers to Use

There are practically tonnes of profitable bonus offers for online slots out there, so it would be a waste to not at least consider your options when it comes to slots bonuses. Often these bonuses are given out by the individual online casinos which host the games.

How do bonus offers work?

There are as many different kinds of betting bonus offers as there are varieties of slots machines, so each will have its own particularities. But for the most part, bonuses work by rewarding the customer for actions like signing up, making a deposit, topping up their account, referring a friend and so on. As mentioned previously, the best bonus offers tend to be for the noobs, so look for signup offers at casinos you haven’t tried before if you’d like the biggest bonus. Often this kind of bonus will double the amount of your first deposit into a new casino account, so if you put in £100, you’ll get an extra £100 in your account, making your starting balance £200 just for putting in £100.

How do I qualify for a bonus offer?

It depends on what offer you are interested in getting, but the signup bonus is usually the easiest to get. The only restriction on a signup bonus is that you must be a new customer, without an account with that company. Some restrictions apply to the minimum deposit you must make into the account for it to count toward a bonus, as well as how much you are able to get.

Think of it Like a Business

To win at slots every time, you need to think of it like a real business. If you’re playing slots with the intention of making money, it would be wise to treat your gambling like a business. It might sound a bit strange, because it’s usually thought of as a recreational activity, but after all it is centred around money. Considering the financial side of betting on slots games, you should get an overview of factors like how much expendable income you have to put toward gambling every month, what is a reasonable limit to give yourself, what you expect to make as a return and how you will reinvest the money you make from winning at slots. Here is a short runthrough of the things you should have in mind when considering your slots business plan.

How Much to Invest, Making a Budget

Rather than thinking about the money you put toward slots as “spending”, you can also think about it as investment. How much can you reasonably put toward slots in a month and still maintain a comfortable lifestyle? Think about how much you earn per month and then subtract your average monthly living expenses from that figure. If that number is a negative, it’s not a good idea to gamble at this point, because you do not have expendable money at your disposal and any money you stand to lose will only worsen your debt. But if the amount in your monthly budget is a surplus, then consider how much of it you would be willing to part with. Gambling can be an investment, but it’s a risky one at that, and you need to go in to it aware of the fact that you have the possibility to lose it all.

Make a Limit Before You Gamble

Make sure to set yourself a limit on how much you gamble BEFORE doing it, because it’s no use deciding your limit once you’ve already passed it. This goes hand in hand with the previous section on making a budget. By consulting your finances, you’ll get an idea of how much you have to play with. Setting limits allows you to stay on top of your financial situation and maintain control over it. This not only allows you to limit the amount you could possibly lose, it also enables you to think about the big picture and how things look in the longer term.

Weigh the Benefits and Costs of Bonuses

While bonus offers can be a great thing when used wisely, they can suck away your reserves if you are not careful. This is totally counterintuitive, but strangely a bonus can be a much bigger problem than you bargain for if it gets out of hand. For instance, many bonuses look very good up front, but carry burdensome terms and conditions which make them difficult to turn into profit.

Example: Turnover Requirements

One of these kind of catches is the turnover requirement attached to many bonuses. Often you must wager through the amount of your bonus a certain number of times (or to a certain value which is a multiple of the bonus amount), and your winnings tied to those bonus funds are not allowed to be paid out until you have spent the required value in wagers.

Focus on the Big Picture

Another useful thing to keep in mind is that it’s totally fine to spend money. As they say, you have to break some eggs to make an omelette. Nobody is perfect and everyone, even the most experienced slots players lose sometimes. Searching for a miracle answer as to how to win at slots every time is not going to bring you closer to winning money and it will only lead to frustration. If you lose a few bets, remember it’s part of the bigger picture and that you’re also playing to have fun.

Become Familiar with the Return to Player Percentage

This number, the Return to Player Percentage represents the amount of winnings which are paid out to players in relation to the amount they pay in. It is also sometimes referred to as the RPP or the RTP (Return to Player). Looking for this number when you play online slots is incredibly helpful in determining what kind of odds you stand at making money from your betting vs. simply betting it away. The RPP is always something lower than 100% because the company needs to take a profit in order to stay in business. There are legal limits on how low the RPP can be, and licensed casinos are not only required by law to abide by those figures, they must also list them out where players can see them.

How to find the RTP of an online casino?

The RTP of a licensed and registered online casino must be visible somewhere on their site, and this is now required by law. Since the layout of different sites can vary considerably from one to another, the best way to find the RTP is to check in the help section of the web bookie or casino you play in or are considering playing in. If you can’t find anything under RTP, try searching for RPP or “return to player”, the term can vary a bit. A simple lookup in the help guide should give you the results you’re looking for, but if not, contact a customer service agent to get this number.

What does the RTP mean?

If 100 is the amount of all bets placed with a company, then the RPP is what is left after the casino or gambling company takes their cut. Sometimes this number is around 90% but it can vary from place to place. So for example, a high RTP means that you are more likely to make a return on your money than with a low RTP. This number is also based on the particular game or company-wide, meaning it’s not specifically looking at individual players. For example, if two players each place a single £100 bet and the RTP where they’re playing is 95%, they are not likely to both make back 95% of their £100, £95. How it would work, in an extremely simplified explanation, is that one player may end up with £105 and the other walks away with £85. Together, those numbers balance each other out to a percentage of 95% of the bets going back to the players and 5% going to the casino.

Keep More of Your Money

In the most straightforward way, the return to player percentage is the best way to make sure that you can hold on to more of your money, instantly and consistently. More than any other trick or strategy out there, this will determine the size of your winnings, because it deals with the bottom line. If the game is literally stacked against you and you have a low percentage chance of winning, there is not going to be any wonder why it’s difficult for you to win. So this is the primary reason for paying attention to what percentage of all bets go back to players.

Other Strategies and Other Common Misconceptions

How to Find the Best Slot Machine – Tips

So many people ask about this topic that it is going to receive its own dedicated section. How to find the Best Slot Machine? Well some of the tips above will certainly help you out if this is your goal. Shopping around, comparing different casinos, comparing different games and importantly comparing the percentage you stand to make back over time. But there are a few particular tips which can address this question more specifically, and hopefully answer it as well as possible. For the most part, this section is actually dedicated to dispelling common misconceptions and offering advice in place of those misconceptions. We hope they can be helpful and useful to you.


Misconception 1: Expecting a Miracle Solution in Gambling

It’s quite common for people to seek out miracle tricks which will make them win every time in slots and all other forms of betting and gambling for that matter. The problem with this mentality is that it can by its nature only lead to disappointment. As mentioned previously in this article, online casinos can only stay in business if people end up paying in more than they get back, and from what we now know about the return to player percentage, the odds of the game are actually in favour of the player losing, more than it is in favour of the player winning. That said, you still definitely can make out ahead in betting and gambling, but it shouldn’t be assumed as a given. Many sites, betting gurus and companies promise to give you a 100% never fail solution to make you win all the money you can imagine, but more often than not, they are scams and should be scrutinised rather than bought in to.

Instead, Try Tip 1: Implement a Strategy

Rather than expecting someone to provide the key to winning, it’s much more effective to get a bit proactive and work on your own strategy for winning at slots. Keep track of how much money you put in and how much you get back as a return, and see how those numbers change over time. Are you improving, or do you think you need to change up how you do things to make a change in your betting income? Figuring out how your numbers look and also reading up more about the rules and strategies of the game will be infinitely more helpful to you than believing in the snake oil cures often circulated in slots forums.

Misconception 2: Some Machines are Looser than Others

This is a commonly repeated theory which has almost become a mantra in the slots industry. Many people have all kinds of different solutions to figuring out which slot machine is going to be most generous to them, but there’s very little evidence except for hearsay on this theory. The most popular of these rumors is that the loosest slots are placed near the doors so that people will see others winning and be drawn in to play themselves. While that is possible, it’s actually not a very useful explanation because it is impossible for a player to know whether they are playing on a “loose” or a “tight” machine, and since it really only applies to EGM’s (Electronic Gaming Machines) this concept is completely unhelpful in terms of how to find the best slot machine game online.

Instead, Try Tip 2: Choose the Machine or Game You Enjoy or Find to be Profitable

This might sound like common sense, but it’s something many people fret over and it can take the fun out of the game. If you are playing slots with the intention of making money, then lean toward games and machines which you have found to pay out higher than others. Relying on your own personal experience is the best thing, because it’s really hard to count on hearsay and rumors in the gambling world. And since at the bottom of it all, the game is meant to be fun, you are doing yourself a favour if you choose slots machines and games based on your own preferences instead of what you may have been told about other ones paying out more often. This will help make sure that you have all your bases covered, that you look out for the financial side of things but also take the opportunity to smell the roses along the way.

Misconception 3: The Best Place to Bet Is Where They Have the Biggest Jackpot

It’s totally understand why people believe this, because it seems so logical that it simply must be true. But counterintuitively, the more money there is in the jackpot, the harder it is to win. When somebody does eventually win the jackpot, they’re going to be rolling in the money, but it takes incredibly good luck, a lot of failed attempts or a combination of both in order to get those giant jackpots.

Instead, Try Tip 3: Choose a Game with a Moderate Jackpot

You’ll actually have better chances at getting the jackpot in a game where the jackpot is of a moderate size. While it’s incredibly tempting to go for the one with the most zeros on the end of the number, you stand better odds of winning bigger sums when you go with the more less extreme prize.

Misconception 4: Slots Machines Pay Out on Predictable Cycles

Some players have the feeling that they can predict when a slots machine is going to pay out because it has gone a certain amount of time without paying out for a while. It would be convenient if this were true, because then you could just wait until it became “ready” to pay out, and swoop in to pick up the winnings. Slots games function based on random number generators with fairly sophisticated algorithms, and are intentionally unpredictable. It wouldn’t make much sense for the designers of electronic gaming machines or online slots games to make it pay out every 50 spins, this would not only be a disastrous business decision, it would also make the game pretty boring to play.

Instead, Try Out Tip 4: Don’t Wait Around For a Machine to Pay Out

A machine is set to pay out based on the randomly generated numbers in its system, not the amount of time you’ve been sitting and watching it or the time since it last paid out. Don’t expect a machine to pay out on predictable time tables, because this simply will not happen. It’s even possible for the slot machine to pay out twice in a short timespan, or to go extended periods of not paying out at all. Rather than wait around expecting the machine to pay on schedule, be aware that it can function in totally unpredictable ways.

Misconception 5: Casinos Change Slots Machines Instantly if They Notice Someone Winning Too Much

This is just simply wrong. Even if casinos wanted to do this, they would then have to spy on their customers constantly and have special staff to monitor and adjust the levels of every machine all the time, and for precisely what aim? Slots machines are already programmed with a standard return to player percentage which is regulated by law, and which provides the casino with plenty of profit simply by running the games. There is not only very, very little incentive for them to engage in this kind of practice, it would also be illegal and a waste of time and resources.

Instead, Try Tip 5:

Don’t get paranoid about your slots! There is a huge amount of superstition surrounding slots for the obvious reasons, dealing with odds, chance, luck. But no need to get more paranoid than necessary and subscribe to ideas like this. If you think a casino is doing this kind of thing, read up on their licensing and check that it is a reputable firm.

Misconception 6: You are Most Likely to Win on the Lowest Bet Possible / You are Most Likely to Win on the Highest Bet Possible

This would really depend on the game, the kind of bet, and whether the odds actually favour lower bets or higher bets. While this is possible that betting only low or only high could help your odds, it’s not likely to lead toward a winning slots strategy. Some players swear by this rule, only bet on the lowest denomination and you’re more likely to win, but an equal amount of players swear by the exact opposite. Looking at statistics, there may actually be some truth to this though, the odds can show that you can make back more money on penny slots and the high-roller slots than you can on the middle of the road slots, but it’s not for sure if this also applies to online slots. At any rate, it’s not the most accurate indicator of what to bet on.

Instead, Try Out Tip 6: Try it Out for Yourself

Go ahead and experiment and see if one of these suggestions works for you, but don’t expect it to always be true. See if it’s accurate for the game you’re playing or if you can find any statistics listed online about whether the casino you’re playing in has published any odds for how they weigh their payouts and if there is any sway toward the lower or higher end of the money spectrum.

Because there is so much speculation and superstition in betting on slots, hopefully dispelling a few unfounded rumors will help give a more accurate depiction of how slots really works. Getting to the bottom of that will help you make a realistic plan on how to win at slots so you can actually begin winning, rather than listening to inaccurate information which might lead you astray.

Quick Guide to Slots Terms

There’s a lot of technical and often confusing terms thrown around in slots, so here is a quick guide to make learning slots terms easy. It’s a great tool for looking up words when you need to know what it means and don’t want to spend a long time searching for the definition.


a special feature in a slots game which is activated by lining up certain symbols. Sometimes this comes in the form of points, cash, additional spins and can sometimes end up giving you access to special bonus rounds.


Electronic Gaming Machine. This refers to the slots machines you’ll find in real life casinos, bars and other betting establishments.

Mobile Slots

slots played on a mobile device. Many online casinos offer mobile versions of their services and have the same selection of games for mobile as you can play in their regular web casino. Playing mobile slots is just like regular online slots, just more convenient because you can play from anywhere.

Optimal Pay

a payback percentage in a skill-based slot machine game, which is based on the player’s optimal possibilities of winning using strategy.


a line that goes across the reels of the slots machine, passing through one symbol on each reel. The payline determines what combination of symbols is considered a win in the game. Paylines can be as simple as straight lines running straight across horizontally on the screen or they can have different shapes like vertical lines, diagonal lines, triangles, zig zags, and more complicated patterns. Slots machines originally had only a few paylines but newer machines can up to several hundred of them on a single machine.

Scatter Symbol

one of the special symbols in a game of slots, which gives special bonuses when it appears. More than one scatter symbol usually gives the player extra bonuses, and having several of them at once can activate extra free spins, etc. A scatter symbol can count toward a bonus no matter where it shows up on the screen, which is why it gets the name “scatter”.

Wild Symbol

a symbol which can stand in for any other kind of symbol in a game of slots. It is used similarly to how a joker card works in classic card games. The wild symbol in slots can complete a payline if the other positions on the payline are filled with matching symbols, and in that situation the wild symbols then substitutes for the missing symbol.

Betting Example Tables

Here is a selection of tables showing precisely how changing the different options affects your bet in a slot game. We are starting out by using Gonzo’s Quest as an example because it’s a good example of how video slots function. The second table will be of the Book of Ra Deluxe slot, because there you can change the paylines. By comparing the numbers you can see how the changes you make affect your bet. These numbers will not reflect the values on all slots games, but it should give a fairly accurate representation of the how, not just the precise numbers.

Gonzo’s Quest Betting Options Example Table

Bet Level Coin Value # of Paylines # of Coins Bet Value of Bet

Bet LevelCoin Value# of Paylines# of Coins BetValue of Bet

Note:  Gonzo’s Quest has a fixed number of paylines, which is 20, meaning that you cannot change the paylines yourself. Let’s take a look at how that works out in the numbers.

Book of Ra Deluxe Betting Options Example Table

# of PaylinesBet Per LineValue of Bet

Up to this point, the number of bets per line goes up by one each time you click to increase the bet per line. Pay attention to how the next few statistics change as they begin to go up 5 bets per line each time.

# of PaylinesBet Per LineValue of Bet

At this point the bets per line begins to increase by 10 bets per line each time.

# of PaylinesBet Per LineValue of Bet

As you can see from the table, the number of bets per line goes up one by one until you reach 5 bets per line, and then it begins going in larger denominations: 5, 10, 15, 20, then 30, 40, 50 and 100 bets per line. Taking a look at the betting possibilities from the bottom of the table and comparing them with those at the top gives you an impression of just how much your bet can change based on manipulating the number of paylines and number of bets per line.

How to win at slots online – Conclusion

That concludes this guide on how to win at slots online, giving you a comprehensive collection of tips, strategies and advice. From reading this guide closely and applying the knowledge and techniques you gained here, you should definitely begin to notice a difference in how well you do playing slots. There are no fool-proof tricks for winning at slots every time, unfortunately, but the next best thing is to get slots savvy and begin implementing a smart strategy when you play and bet on slots. You might not win every time, but that is part of the game, and you will definitely improve the amount you win by trying out these helpful tips. Now it’s time to go out there and get winning. Return to our front page for more information about slots and online gambling.